Kurginyan: LPR and DPR can directly reunite with Transnistria

10.12.2020, Moscow.

Ukraine’s aggressive actions against Donbass and the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) could lead to the reunification of the LPR and DPR with the PMR, leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on December 6 on the air of the Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov program on Russia One TV channel.

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Expert: Sandu’s Victory in Moldova will be a challenge for Russia and Transnistria

16.11.2020, Moscow.

Sandu’s victory in Moldova and the subsequent consolidation of the result during the parliamentary elections is a threat for Transnistria and Russia, deputy director of the RUDN Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts, member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation Nikita Danyuk said on November 15 to Rossa Primavera News Agency.

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Truth must prevail


Editor’s note: Last week we have published the final article in a series about the revised concept of American domination, i.e. how the United States suppresses both its enemies and allies, makes its allies pursue American goals. U.S. controls global media and manufactures the public opinion of European citizens to force the leaders of European countries to make the decisions America needs. U.S. spies on European leaders and ordinary Europeans and involves Europe in an economic partnership, which will make Europe lose economic sovereignty.

Bearing this in mind (public consent manufactured, leaders spied on, decisions harmful for Europe made by politicians), it becomes obvious that Europe is currently not sovereign. Thus, several questions arise: is Europe itself satisfied with this? Is there something Europe should do about this?
Europe needs to restore sovereignty. This article and the one we will publish next week present the opinion of politicians and intellectuals, who gathered in Sophia, Bulgaria, on April 25, 2015, to discuss the course and political actions which will lead towards the sovereign Europe. When Europe will be sovereign it will be able to choose its own political future. Before this happens, the only future Europe will have is the one that the United States will doom it to. One more thing to consider is that it’s not like America is Europe’s friend and promises it a bright future. It’s indeed the opposite: as the Vice President of the European Commission, Viviane Reding said in October 2013: “Friends and partners don’t spy on each other”.

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Talks in Romania in favor of absorbing Moldova

10.09.2015, Kishinev.

Kishenev maidan is primarily organized by  “DA” platform (DA standing for “Dignity and Truth”). “DA” are unionists, in this case – proponents of Romania  absorbing Moldova. For the time being, protesters demand the President and the Cabinet to step down and new elections to be held. However, it won’t take long before calls for joining Romania will reappear. This Tuesday, the former Romanian president, Traian Basescu,  evoked this idea of Romania absorbing Moldova.

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