Black International: Habsburg, Bandera, etc. Ukrainism. Chapter V

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If the EU is to transform into a new soft neo-fascist model, the formation of something that can be described as the black aristocracy is essential.

Is “Habsburg in vyshyvanka” just a phenomenon from the turn of the 20th century, or does some sort of Ukrainian-Habsburg idea continue to hover in the rotten political air of Ukraine these days?

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The Habsburg in a vyshyvanka. Ukrainism. Chapter IV

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One idea from the 1920s is still alive today: that a pan-European transition from modern  EU democracy to some kind of pan-European monarchy is possible. And in the case of such a transition, the Habsburg dynasty is without rival.

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Researcher: The Habsburgs see a united Europe as antagonist to a united Russia

18.10.2017, Russia.

An activist of the Essence of Time movement Ksenia Ostronosenko in her report “Otto von Habsburg, Bandera Nazis, and others” discusses the dual-purpose activity of the heirs of the Habsburg dynasty aimed at European integration and at Soviet disintegration. The report was presented on October 11 at the conference “Ukrainism: Who constructed it and why”, a correspondent of the Rossa Primavera Information Agency reports.
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