Texas’s chronicles No. 1 & 2: Birth of a Nation


“This is Fascism’s first defeat since the US withdrawal from Vietnam, and what we have done here can possibly change the world….”


This is the personal diary of Russell Bonner Bentley—”Texas”—an American volunteer militiaman currently serving with Novorossiya’s army. Texas is both a frontline fighter and a war correspondent.  His dual mission is to help repel the Washington-created, Nazi-infested regime in Kiev, and to introduce Western publics to the truth about the war in the Donbass. The heroic struggle of the young republics in Eastern Ukraine, their unwavering defiance of Western fascism and their high ideals, has reignited hope among many people around the world, hope that imperialism can indeed be pushed back and defeated, and that a new, better world, can at last be constructed. Thus, in the spirit of the International Brigades that fought in Spain in the 1930s, brave volunteers, honorable men, are streaming in from Russia, France, Spain, Chechnya, Serbia, Italy, South America and many other points—even the US—as Texas’s welcome presence indicates. The Donbass is today’s Spain, as is martyred Syria. More may join them before this struggle is over. It is entirely fitting, therefore, to recall La Pasionaria’s tribute to their deeds:

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