Humanitarian Aid for Donbass: Medicine for Sophie from Pedro (UK)

In the end of September 2016, Sophie’s mom contacted “Essence of Time” unit in DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) to ask for help for her daughter, 13-year old girl, who suffers from cerebral palsy, tachycardia, and tendon issues. The family constantly needs certain medicines, which are too costly for the family budget.

Sophie’s mom also said in the interview that the district, where the family lives has been constantly shelled by Ukrainian army. Some bombs exploded just near the family apartment. And as a result of such shelling the little girl had a heart attack.

Russell Bonner Bentley aka ‘Texas’ from the “Essence of Time” unit in DPR published a post about Sophie and her mom and their appeal for help. Pedro from UK has reacted and transferred the required amount of money for the little girl. The fund raised were used to buy the required medicines and a puzzle, because Sophie loves to do puzzles. This puzzle, which was bought on the money from Pedro, would be a Sophie’s present for the kind Englishman, when he comes to visit the girl in Donbass.

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Russell ‘Texas’ Bentley: Advice to foreign volunteers coming to Donbass

A considerable number of foreign volunteer fighters from all the world are still coming to Donbass. They comprise by and large European communist and anti-fascists, following their noble intentions to fight Bandera Nazism and inspired by the example of interbrigades of Spanish Civil war of 1936–1939. However, it is often the case, that these people are coming having no military training, speaking not a word of Russian, and physically and morally unfit to the hardships and rigors of the everyday fighting. We have witnessed on multiple occasions volunteers who failed to find their place in DPR army leave. For this to happen less frequently, our comrade Texas has a set of recommendations to foreign volunteers.

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