The spectre of totalitarianism, or “Protection” for children and women

19.09.2018, Warsaw.

Spain left dictatorship behind long ago, but its seeds are sprouting through under full-fledged “democracy”. Genuine institutional violence against women has become a widespread practice, with a certain stereotype again being forced through the judiciary system, the state apparatus, and though social services, using false and manipulative reports in absolutely inhumane trials.
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Puigdemont surrenders, his comrades-in-arms sacrificed him

03.02.2018, Barcelona.

“Moncloa’s plan [e.g. the plan of the Spanish Parliament] has triumphed, I only hope that it’s true and thanks to this, everyone can leave prison. If not this we would be the biggest laughingstock in history”, Carles Puigdemont, the leader of JxCat, wrote via Signal messenger to ex-counselor Toni Comín. The message was filmed on camera by Ana Rosa Quintana program reporter from behind the Toni’s back and was aired on the 31st of January in exclusive report on Telecinco.
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Basque MP: Madrid doesn’t care for human rights

07.11.2017, Russia.

A number of Spain’s autonomous regions are striving for independence. Over the past decades, the central governments of the country, whether “right-wing” or “socialists”, conduct social, educational, and tax policies which do not meet the interests of the citizens of the autonomous regions. Rebeka Ubera, a member of the Basque Parliament, discussed this on November 4, in an interview with Rossa Primavera news agency during the “Left Alternatives for Europe” Sofia Club Open Meeting.
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