Expert: Social media not only provoke protests, but can also reshape identities

09.06.2017, USA.

Social media has become an instrument to gradually change people’s identity, said an expert of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace in his report, published on the web-site of the research institution on June 8th.

This refers to recent research on social media influencing youth in different countries. Sociological research focused on Middle Eastern countries. Researchers examined the possibilities of using social media for achieving goals other than the artificial creation of political protest movements. Harel Chorev, the author of the report, states that social media has grown more complex and nuanced, and it has become an instrument of genuine influence on politics and society.

According to Chorev, “Social media also has the power to reshape identities and political relations by flattening old hierarchies. By creating new, highly interactive social arenas and providing information independently of governing authorities, social media has collapsed the traditionally vertical feed of information into a horizontal spread.”
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