Ex-head of the State Commission for Chemical Disarmament: There is no “novichok” in Shikhany

06.04.2018, Moscow.

There are no chemical weapons at the laboratories of the State Scientific Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technologies (Gosniiokht) in the town of Shikhany (Saratov region), stated Mikhail Babich, Ex-Chairman of the State Commission for Chemical Disarmament, current Presidential Envoy to the Volga Federal District, on April 6, Interfax reports.
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Chemist: Skripal’s poisoning makes as little sense as Kim Jong-nam’s death

14.03.2018, Moscow.

Candidate of Chemical Sciences Aleksey Zefirov, in his interview to a correspondent of the Rossa Primavera Information Agency of March 13, commented the statement made by UK Prime Minister Theresa May alleging that the former Russian Military Intelligence (Russian: GRU) officer Sergey Skripal was poisoned with a warfare agent of the “Novichok” group.
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