Lavrov: Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia continue expanding cooperation

29.08.2018, Moscow.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke about intensive expansion of the relations between Moscow and Riyadh and the good level of coordination, which has been achieved in their regional affairs, as he opened negotiations with the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, TASS reported on August 29.
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Iranian Armed Forces General: Islamists conduct terrorist attacks with the help of USA and SA

14.06.2017, Iran.

ISIL (organization banned in Russia) carries out terrorist attacks with the assistance and sponsorship of the USA and Saudi Arabia, stated the General of the Iranian Armed Forces Massoud Jazayeri on June 13.Commenting on the recent terrorist attacks in Tehran, the General said that  ISIL (organization banned in Russia) is the organizer of the double act of terrorism in the capital as it was admitted by the detained persons involved in these attacks. According to Jazayeri, despite all the terrorist threats, the will of the Iranian people is not broken, and they are not afraid of similar threats.
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Expert: Qatar is accused of violating the principles of Sunni solidarity

06.06.2017, Russia.

Qatar has violated the principles of Sunni solidarity, which resulted in a breach with a number of Arab countries, Middle Eastern expert Maria Podkopaeva said on June 5 in a commentary to the Rossa Primavera News Agency.

“The resolution and accord among the Arab states in their extremely negative reaction to the Qatar’s Middle East policy are quite telling. The only surprising fact about it is that this upsurge of indignation in the Arab world happened only now. Qatar’s intention to co-operate with Iran, which became the last straw for the Arab world, is not the only problem here,” the expert said.

According to Maria Podkopaeva, Qatar is opposed by countries that suffered the worst from the so-called “Arab Spring”.
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Escalation of the Global Gas War. Part XI


China made an ambitious bid on its concept of the New Great Silk Road, and it cannot lose this bid without losing face


In the previous part of our investigation, we established that members of the Pakistani parliament refused the request by Saudi Arabia to join the anti-Houthi (in other words, anti-Shiite) “Operation Decisive Storm” in Yemen. One of the publicly stated reasons for the refusal were references to internal conflicts between Sunnis and Shiites in Pakistan itself.

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