Media: Illegal migrants are source of income for organized crime in EU

24.07.2018, Rome.

The difficulties of overcoming the migration crisis in Europe are due not so much to the EU’s inefficient bureaucratic apparatus, but rather to the organized crime in transit countries, which yields huge profits from illegal migration, journalist Raffaello Loreto said in the article “Profit from refugees” published in Novaya Gazeta on July 23. Contine reading

Over 2000 refugees from territory occupied by Ukrainian army will celebrate Victory Day in DPR

06.05.2016, DPR.

More than two thousand internally displaced persons from Donbass territories temporarily occupied by Kiev junta will celebrate Victory Day in temporary accommodation centers of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the press service of the Office of DPR Ombudswoman informed Donetsk News Agency.

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Right-wing shift – “New Europe?”

Refugee crisis in Europe is being used against Europe

The leader of “Essence of Time” movement Sergei Kurginyan has stated regarding the worsening situation in Europe due to the migrant crisis that the major process of refugee influx to Europe is not spontaneous.

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