Putin’s phone-in is an attempt to reach the people over the head of the elite

17.06.2017, Russia.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin’s TV phone-in is his attempt to establish direct communication with the people without mediation from the elite, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, Sergey Kurginyan, said during the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV show broadcasted on June 15 on the air of the Russia One channel.

The political analyst pointed to a precedent of direct communication between a national leader and the people, “That was Roosevelt’s fireside chat. Mass communications had just appeared for the first time. Roosevelt was daring enough to take the risk of speaking directly with the people. Over the radio, of course, because there was no TV then. And he talked for a long time. Why? Because the American people were extremely outraged at the elite, and the elite was outraged at Roosevelt. This coupled problem led to Roosevelt’s attempt to use those talks as a way to establish contact with the people. A sort of a direct contact. And he did so for quite a long time.”
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Putin: Beware, so that Washington does not turn into a caliphate

15.06.2017, Russia.

“We will not allow this (a transformation of Russia into a caliphate – Rosa Primavera News Agency). Look out, so that Washington does not become a caliphate”, said Vladimir Putin to the American filmmaker Oliver Stone in his film about the President of Russia, which was broadcasted by Showtime on May 15.

Speaking about world religions, Putin noted that religions themselves can never be evil, in spite of them being contradictory, even within the context of the same religious denomination. 
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Obama: Minsk Agreements are possible to implement in following months

29.09.2015, New York.

The President of the United States Barack Obama mentioned the possibility to implement the Minsk Agreements in the following months during the meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The meeting between the leaders of Russia and USA “was approximately 90 minutes long“, the Presidents “discussed Ukraine in the first half of the time, Syria – in the second half.


Source: TASS

Vladimir Putin: Coup in Ukraine was provoked from outside

29.09.2015, New York.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said to the UN General Assembly is certain that only full implementation of Minsk Agreements, with consideration of what Donbass residents want, can secure the unity of Ukraine.

We are convinced – the bloodshed can be stopped and the way out of the dead-end can be found only in case of full, responsible implementation of February 12, 2015 Minsk Agreements. Unity of Ukraine cannot be secured by threats or weapons,” Putin said.

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