Attacks on Venezuelan government buildings are part of a “coup plot”

28.06.2017, Venezuela.

On June 28, the Venezuelan government stated that the attacks on government buildings are part of a “coup plot”, TeleSur News Channel reports.

Accusing “extremist wings of the opposition supported by the United States” of the attacks on the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, and the Supreme Court, the Venezuelan government called for citizens to stand guard of the constitutional order. Continue reading

EU is concerned with the fate of detained demonstrators

13.06.2017, Russia.

A spokesperson of the European Foreign Ministry urged to respect human rights and release the detained protesters, the Interfax news agency reports on June 13.

According to Brussels, Russian citizens exercise their rights by holding rallies and demonstrations. “These fundamental rights are enshrined in the Russian constitution and we expect them to be protected, not eroded,” the statement says. Continue reading