Red Cross office picketed in Lugansk

28.08.2015 22:01, Lugansk.

Approximately half a thousand people picketed the International Committee of the Red Cross office in Lugansk on Friday.

One of the organizers has said the following:

First of all, the Red Cross takes no interest in the fates of captured militiamen exchanged by Ukraine, doesn’t help the people who have suffered as a result of the war, does not present any reports to the public.

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Viktor Anosov: Ukraine has tortured captured DPR militiamen

27.08.2015 10:38, Donetsk.

DPR militiamen who were released yesterday evening were tortured in captivity by the Ukrainian side, according to DPR Commandant’s Regiment Commander and Military Police commander Viktor Anosov.

The medical examination showed that all of the prisoners handed over to DPR by the Ukrainian side were tortured while being in Ukrainian captivity, one of them even had a heart attack.


Source: Donetsk News Agency