Liberation movement blocks Roshen factory in Vinnitsa

30.10.2017, Ukraine.

Activists of the Liberation movement [Ukrainian: Рух визволення] are calling to block the factories and other enterprises owned by Pyotr Poroshenko, starting from the Roshen plant in Vinnitsa. A corresponding statement was posted on October 29 on the movement’s Facebook page. Contine reading

Ukrainian MP: Kiev hopes for the supply of lethal US weapons

28.10.2017, Ukraine.

At the very beginning of the meeting with Kurt Volker, the U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine, Andrey Parubiy, the Speaker of the Verkhovnaya Rada (Ukrainian Parliament), stated that Kiev is waiting for Washington’s decision to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, 112 Ukraine TV channel reported on October 28. Contine reading

Poroshenko to terminate “ATO” and to declare martial law in Donbass

19.06.2017, Ukraine.

The “Anti-Terrorist Operation” [the Kiev junta’s name for the punitive operation in Donbass ― Editor] in southeastern Ukraine may be terminated according to a new strategy that is being developed by the Ukrainian leadership. This information was published by the Kommersant newspaper on June 19.

In view of  Pyotr Poroshenko’s upcoming visit to the USA, Ukraine is developing a new approach to the problem of the southeast. According to the new plan, the “ATO” is to be terminated, and martial law is to be declared in the conflict area. Experts believe that these plans have several reasons. First of all, the Ukrainian leadership wants to smooth out the West’s discontent over the “ATO” before the upcoming meeting between the Ukrainian president and the President of the United States. Contine reading

Establishment of far-right party in Ukraine an attempt to legalize neo-Nazism

18.10.2016, Ukraine.

The establishment of the far-right party “National Corps” in Ukraine is an attempt to officially legalize neo-Nazism in the country, the Head of the Centre of Sociological Research “Special Status”, Candidate of Political Sciences Aleksandr Protsenko informed Lugansk Information Center.

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