Japan: If the DPRK is disarming, why deploy US Aegis systems?

26.06.2018, Tokio.

“If the DPRK is disarming, why spend 100 billion yen per each US missile defense system?” the governors of two prefectures, where several US Aegis systems are to be deployed, ask the Japanese central government, The Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported on June 25. Contine reading

Russian Foreign Ministry: Attempts to resolve the Korean crisis forcefully will lead to catastrophe

16.12.2017, Russia.

There is a danger of catastrophic consequences in attempts of Western countries to unleash a military conflict with North Korea, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during the government hour at the Federation Council in Moscow on December 15, REGNUM news agency reports. Contine reading

Russian Foreign Ministry: No alternative to a diplomatic solution to Korean problem

11.12.2017, India.

A political-diplomatic way is the only real road to solve the problem of the Korean peninsula, Russian Foreign Minister Kirill Lavrov said at the final press conference on the results of the 15th Foreign Minister’s meeting of Russia-India-China trilateral group on December 11, the Russian Foreign Ministry press service reports. Contine reading

South Korean expert: 2007 North-South Korea Peace Declaration is dead

05.10.2017, Russia.

The joint declaration on peace and cooperation [Declaration on the Advancement of South-North Korean Relations, Peace and Prosperity – editorial note], signed by North and South Korea in October, 2007, is “officially dead,” said South Korean political scientist and journalist Mahn Jun-seok in an interview with TASS News Agency on October 4, 2017. Contine reading