Ukrainian ‘pro-Russian’ TV channel set on fire, receives threats from Kiev official

07.09.2016, Kiev.

The Head of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcast Yuri Artemenko stated that the content of the broadcast was the reason the building of TV channel “Inter” was set on fire. He noted on air of “112 Ukraine” channel that the threat of the TV studio being burned to the ground and its employees being killed remains.

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Vsevolod Kozorez — the man who saved Lvov city opera theater

23.06.2016, DPR.

On June 22, 1941, the day when Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union, Vsevolod Grigoryevich Kozorez was a 15-year old kid from a little town Putivl in Sumy region of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. He remembers that day well, and tells in detail about how the radio announced that the war began and about the Nazi air raids against the cities of USSR. The days when Soviet men went to the frontline are forever stamped in his memory. Vsevolod Kozorez will never forget the days when the Germans entered the city and started executing communists, Jews, Gypsies…

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Bandera Nazis took the lives of 101 child during the war in Donbass

01.06.2016, DPR.

Today is the International Children’s Day. Bandera Nazis took the lives of 101 child during the war in Donbass. Over 200 children were injured. “Avenue of Angels” memorial was built in Donetsk. The names of the murdered children are carved on it. Today people bring flowers and toys to it.

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1,000 troops, 300 neo-Nazis enter Odessa as city prepares to commemorate May 2 massacre victims

29.04.2016, Odessa.

Approximately one thousand Interior Ministry National Guard troops are heading to Odessa to join 3 thousand law enforcement officers, as well as 300 “Azov” neo-Nazi regiment militants from Mariupol to “secure order” during the commemoration of the victims of May 2, 2014 massacre.

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Latvian Authorities Approve the March of SS Nazi Legionnaires in the Capital

11.03.2016, Latvia.

The Riga City Council has permitted the holding of the procession of nationalist organization activists in celebration of so-called SS Legionnaires Day. The event will be held on March 16. It was announced on Friday, March 4, DELFI reports citing Juris Radzevich, the executive director of the Council.

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Texas Chronicle No. 5: Odessa — A Fate Worse Than Death



If you are under 21, do not read this. If you are over 21, you have a moral obligation to read this, and view the photos, to look into the depths of human depravity, into the face of pure evil, to ponder it, to understand it, because if you do not understand it, you cannot fight it, and if you do not fight it, you cannot defeat it.  And if we do not defeat it, it will defeat us…

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