Drunk Kiev’s militants ran over civilian car by IFV, left driver to die

31.12.2016, Donbass.

Drunk Ukrainian National Guard militants ran over a civilian car “VAZ-2101” by an infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) in Makarovo village area, after which left the heavily injured driver of the car to die, LPR People’s Militia Spokesman major Andrey Marochko informed during his daily briefing at LuganskInformCenter.

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Dispersing locals with a tank and other crimes of Ukrainian army in occupied territories of Lugansk region

02.11.2016, LPR.

Kiev’s military fired blank shells by a tank to disperse the rallying residents of occupied Popasnaya town. The people demanded to stop shelling Lugansk People’s Republic and withdraw Ukrainian military hardware and weaponry from the town, the official representative of LPR People’s Militia Major Andrei Marochko informed on November 1 during his briefing in LuganskInformCenter.

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LPR urges citizens in zone of Kiev’s punitive operation to demand withdrawal of Ukrainian troops

12.09.2016, LPR.

People’s Militia of Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) urges the citizens living on the occupied territory within the zone of Kiev junta’s punitive operation (so-called, “antiterrorist operation” − Editor) to demand the withdrawal of the Ukrainian military units from towns and villages, the official representative of the LPR Defense Ministry major Andrey Marochko informed Lugansk Information Center.

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Ukrainian ‘pro-Russian’ TV channel set on fire, receives threats from Kiev official

07.09.2016, Kiev.

The Head of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcast Yuri Artemenko stated that the content of the broadcast was the reason the building of TV channel “Inter” was set on fire. He noted on air of “112 Ukraine” channel that the threat of the TV studio being burned to the ground and its employees being killed remains.

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Day of liberation of Kharkov celebration in Donetsk (photo report)

23.08.2016, Donetsk.

August 23 is the Day of Liberation of Kharkov from fascist invaders. 71 years after liberation this great city became once again occupied by fascists. Dozens of Kharkov residents, who fight for liberation of their city in the ranks of Donetsk People’s Republic army, have celebrated this day by laying the flowers to the monument “To Your Liberators, Donbass”.

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Ukrainian volunteer: Kiev’s militants came to Donbass to rob, rape and kill

10.08.2016, Ukraine.

Ukrainian civilian volunteer Lilia Bolbat, also known as Lilia Ukrainskaya, claimed that many of Kiev’s militants participated in the war in Donbass not due to their patriotic feelings, but to profit and to have a chance to rob, plunder, kill and kidnap people to receive ransom. She wrote about this on her Facebook page on August 10.

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