Talks in Romania in favor of absorbing Moldova

10.09.2015, Kishinev.

Kishenev maidan is primarily organized by  “DA” platform (DA standing for “Dignity and Truth”). “DA” are unionists, in this case – proponents of Romania  absorbing Moldova. For the time being, protesters demand the President and the Cabinet to step down and new elections to be held. However, it won’t take long before calls for joining Romania will reappear. This Tuesday, the former Romanian president, Traian Basescu,  evoked this idea of Romania absorbing Moldova.

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“Euromaidan” launched in Kishinev

06.09.2015 21:24, Kishinev.

The messages coming from the mass media signify that a “Euromaidan” scenario has been launched in Moldova.

Crowds of people have been led out to a square in Kishinev (using legitimate complaints against the government as a pretext). However, the Western media covers situation as if the crowd was representative of the whole Moldovan people.

The media presents the actions of various provokers as actions of opposition activists. The law enforcement agencies are paralyzed and the police is unsure and reluctant to act.  Show business stars are being used to gather the crowd on the protest site.

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