Escalation of the Global Gas War. Part VII


The possible success of the US-Iranian negotiations on the nuclear program will open the doors to connecting Iranian gas shipments to the “Southern Gas Corridor.” This gas, along with gas from Turkmenistan, would allow the EU to “get Europe off of the Russian gas needle” entirely over just a few years.

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Escalation of the Global “Gas War”. Part VI


There is speculation that the entire project of the EEU is actually directed at creating a preferential environment in Europe for American shale gas and for American petroleum corporations, as well as for the construction of American nuclear power plants and for shipments of American nuclear fuel


The European “Gas Knot”

Even before the Ukrainian Maidan, there was significant disagreement in Europe regarding the role that Russian gas can and ought to play in the EU countries’ energy supply.

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Russian Defense Ministry: Militants used chemical gas in Aleppo

03.08.2016, Aleppo.

“Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki” militants, considered by the U.S. to be among the so-called “moderate opposition”, used chemical gas in Syrian Aleppo on August 2, the Head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides lieutenant-general Sergei Chvarkov stated.

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Escalation of the Global Gas War. Part V

Moscow and Ankara agree in their main tactical interests in the region. And of course, these interests are sharply at odds with those of the USA, NATO, and the EU.

Why did the project “Turkish stream” disturb so much both the United States and a significant part of the European elites? Why did not only the Sothern Europe with a strong demand for gas but also such countries as Germany, Austria, Denmark worry? After all, the latter ones have their own North European gas, and functioning, as well as fully reliable, operating pipelines for gas supplies from Russia, namely ‘Yamal-Europe’ and ‘Nord Stream’.

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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: Russia will build a school in Syria

25.07.2016, Syria.

Russian officials intend to continue to ship humanitarian aid to Syria, head of Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov told in an interview to Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (IOPS) on July 25.

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Escalation of the Global Gas War. Part IV


From an economic point of view, the EU has lost much as a result of Russia’s abandonment of “South stream”


How should the Gulf Cooperation Council countries react to the attacks of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (Organization banned in Russia) supported by Qatar at the “Arab Gas Pipeline” facilities when these attacks interrupt the export of gas to Jordan? They can consider these terrorist acts only as an obvious undermining of the “Arab solidarity” by Qatar. After all, such attacks did not only create problems for the Arab consumers of the gas, but also deprived Egypt of substantial export revenues.

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Escalation of the Global Gas War. Part III


Due to the “world oil and gas price war” that began in September 2014, both Qatar and its Arab neighbors found themselves in a need of Arabian political unity.


Major current events of the economic war in the world and in Russia are regularly discussed in our lectures in the television program “Meaning of the Game”. The readers of our newspaper can view these lectures online (unfortunately, as of now only available in Russian – Editor).

Here I will continue the article I started earlier – “Escalation of the Global Gas War.”

Let me remind you that in the first and second parts of this article we discussed the main stages and directions of the post-Soviet economic wars against Russia in the “gas front”.

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