Relatives of passengers killed in flight MН17 want to collect 300 million euros from Ukraine

12.05.2017, Germany.

The relatives of the Malaysian aircraft that was destroyed in Ukrainian airspace intend to submit a lawsuit against the Ukrainian administration. Thomas Schansman, the father of one of the victims, stated in an interview to the German RTL channel on May 11, according to the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” online newspaper.

The reason for the suit is Ukraine’s failure to close its airspace to civil aviation despite the hazardous situation. Contine reading

Relatives of MH17 crash victims dissatisfied with slow investigation pace

14.01.2016, the Netherlands.

The relatives of the victims of MH17 flight which was shot down in Ukraine have expressed discontent at the slow pace of the investigation of the tragedy in a letter published on January 13. They address the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, asking him to do everything possible to speed up the process.

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Russia does not agree with Conclusions of the report by Security Council (SC) of The Netherlands on the missile warhead that hit MH17

13.10.2015, Russia.

Russia has disagreed with conclusions of the report from Security Council of The Netherlands on the model of the warhead and missile which brought down the Malaysian Boeing in eastern Ukraine the comments of Russian Federation Federal Air Transport Agency in the annex to the document read.

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Boeing MH17 – Russell Bentley (‘Texas’) investigation in Donbass

The final report about MH17 flight crash has been released today in Netherlands. Nevertheless a year has passed since catastrophe the official investigation didn’t shed light upon that case. Therefore “Texas” (Russell Bonner Bentley) decided to make own investigation.

As long as the plane suffered a high-altitude burst, its pieces covered the area of 20 square km. We investigated crash sites in Grabovo and Rassipnoe villages, talked to the witnesses. We had many our questions answered, and it helped us to rebuild more clearly the picture of what happened. A great number of questions still remains unanswered. Perhaps we will get other answers after the report of Dutch Safety Board will be released.

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DPR Prosecutor General’s Office plans to hand the “Boeing” wreckage to Dutch experts until the end of the day

30.09.2015, Donetsk.

Donetsk People’s Republic’s Prosecutor General’s Office plans to complete the process of handing the wreckage of Malaysian “Boeing” to Dutch criminologists until the end of the day, according to the head of Prosecutor General’s Office Bureau of Criminal Investigations Roman Belous. That includes 560 fragments of the plane.

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