“Right Sector” Neo-Nazis forced three Odessa judges to resign during court session

30.11.2015, Odessa.

Right Sector“, “Azov” and other Neo-Nazi militants have blocked the exists from the court building in Odessa after judges ruled out that five “AntiMaidan” activists may be released on bail. A number of Odessa “AntiMaidan” activists were detained after Euromaidan participants attacked them and burned 48 people alive on May 2, 2014. “AntiMaidan” activists are being accused of attacking themselves.

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Russell Bentley ‘Texas’ on the situation in Odessa: “There are things worse than war”

Russell Bentley ‘Texas’: When I was on my way to Donetsk, I stayed in Rostov-on-Don for several days. There I became friends with Mikhail, the owner of the hostel where I was staying. He’s a big, tough guy, a real Russian bully – tall, bald and muscular. He was a veteran of both Chechen wars. When I told him I am going to Donbass to join the war against fascists, he said to me: “War is bad.”

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UN: Evidence on mass murder in Odessa mostly destroyed

18.09.2015, Odessa.

United Nation states that the majority of evidence on the mass murder of civilians in Odessa on May 2, 2014, by radical Ukrainian Nazis is destroyed, according to UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary and Arbitrary Executions Christoph Heinz.

Many of pieces of evidence were destroyed directly after the events, it makes it very difficult to have a proper follow-up. And the processes of accountability have been extremely slow”, Heinz noted.

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02.05.2015 Donetsk: A ceremony to commemorate Odessa victims of 2 May, 2014 [EoT TV DPR]

In Donetsk, a ceremony was held to honor the memory of the victims of the Nazi aggression in Odessa on the 2nd of May. The ceremony of Donetsk residents was addressed by Leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the Chair of the People’s Council of the DPR Andrey Purgin, Odessa City Council Member Aleksandr Vasiliev, and Deputy Chair of the People’s Council of the DPR Denis Pushilin.