The “offensive” of Ukrainian army in Kherson or How Zelensky has driven his Commander-in-Chief into a corner

Commander-in-Chief  of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Zaluzhny, who managed to gain a high rating, became Zelensky’s direct political rival

The announcement by Ukrainian Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov that the Ukrainian army is preparing a large-scale offensive on Kherson stirred up the public on both sides of the border. As recently as July 10, in an interview with the British newspaper The Times, Reznikov said that Ukraine was is massing a million-strong fighting force equipped with western weapons to recover its southern territory from Russia.

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The Truman Show on Ukraine’s scale

The Ukrainian government has taught the citizens to fear the truth about themselves, replacing it with simulacra, interpretations, and outright lies.

There is a good American film “The Truman Show” starring Jim Carrey. From birth, the unsuspecting Truman Burbank lives among the sets erected inside a huge movie studio, thinking it to be the small town of Seahaven. Meanwhile, everyone around him, including his parents and his beloved one, are actors on a popular reality show watched by all of the USA. Depending on ratings, circumstances and the will of the producer, Truman’s life changes according to the dictate of the studio management, but Truman himself is sure that both his life and everything that happens around him are the most real.

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