Kurginyan: Donbass is where Ukrainian people are, not Lvov. Ukraine’s future is there

08.10.2019, Moscow.

Ukraine’s future depends on the qualities the Ukrainian people have, and people in Donbass display the highest expression of the Ukrainian spirit, stated the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan during the Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV show at the Russian Channel 1 on October 6.
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Donetsk People’s Republic denies allegations by The Guardian of Russian army presence near Ilovaysk

19.08.2019, Donetsk.

The false report by The Guardian about Russian military presence during the hostilities near Ilovaysk in 2014 is another attempt by the West to draw Russia into the Donbass conflict, the spokesperson of the Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia said on August 19.
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