Expert: Qatar is accused of violating the principles of Sunni solidarity

06.06.2017, Russia.

Qatar has violated the principles of Sunni solidarity, which resulted in a breach with a number of Arab countries, Middle Eastern expert Maria Podkopaeva said on June 5 in a commentary to the Rossa Primavera News Agency.

“The resolution and accord among the Arab states in their extremely negative reaction to the Qatar’s Middle East policy are quite telling. The only surprising fact about it is that this upsurge of indignation in the Arab world happened only now. Qatar’s intention to co-operate with Iran, which became the last straw for the Arab world, is not the only problem here,” the expert said.

According to Maria Podkopaeva, Qatar is opposed by countries that suffered the worst from the so-called “Arab Spring”.
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Egyptian military conduct airstrikes against Islamist militants in Libya

31.05.2017, Libya.

Egyptian warplanes conducted airstrikes against terrorists in the Libyan city of Derna, Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesman Ahmad Messmari told journalists on May 29, according to Reuters.

According to eyewitness’ worlds, one airstrike hit the western part of Derna and two others hit Dahr al-Hamar in the south of the city.
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Middle East: Stages of “Islamic State” formation


Editor’s note: Rebuilding the world is a whole field of warfare in itself. ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) is one of the most powerful instruments of erasing state borders by violence and blood that has been created after World War II. ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) shows all signs of being not just Islamist, but fascist. Slavery and paganism are just a few of the indicators. ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) is also heavily aided by Turkey: Turkey is training ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) militants, funds ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) by buying its oil, Turkey is even proposing to open the embassy (sic!) of ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) in Istanbul on the eve of Paris terror attacks… And Turkey downed the Russian jet that was bombing ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) oil tank trucks. As we can see, Ukraine, Turkey, ISIL (Organization banned in Russia), Middle East are all a part of a certain picture, of a new fascist world order that Russia tries to stop by supporting the right of nation states on sovereignty. The study of world-rebuilding warfare will help us see a part of this picture more clearly. We will start by studying ISIL (Organization banned in Russia).


Obviously, one of the directions of the expansion and entrenchment of ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) is Libya. Another direction of the activity of the “Islamic State” (Organization banned in Russia) is Saudi Arabia.


Today the main political process for all of the Middle East and Northern Africa is the creation and the explosive growth of the so-called new caliphate. That same “new caliphate” which was recognized by the world as a real force after Syrian and other Islamists, who attacked Bashar al-Assad, managed to quite powerfully spread out in Iraq, creating the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) (Organization banned in Russia).

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