Turkey opposes referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence

09.06.2017, Turkey.

Turkish authorities consider the Iraqi Kurds’ plan to hold a referendum on independence to be “a terrible mistake”, a Reuters correspondent in Turkey reported on June 9.

Ankara is strongly opposed the referendum on the separation of Kurdish territories from Iraq. “We see … that it will be a grave mistake. Preserving Iraq’s territorial integrity and political unity is one of the fundamental principles of Turkey’s Iraq policy,” stated in the press release of the Turkish Foreign Ministry.
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Kurds: Radical Islamists gathering forces in northern Syrian province of Raqqa to attack

01.03.2016, Syria.

Militants of the terrorist group ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) gathered their forces to the northern settlements of province of Raqqa preparing to attack the positions of the Kurdish self-defense forces, the agency Sputnik reported on Monday, citing a source in the Kurd Militia.

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