Talks in Romania in favor of absorbing Moldova

10.09.2015, Kishinev.

Kishenev maidan is primarily organized by  “DA” platform (DA standing for “Dignity and Truth”). “DA” are unionists, in this case – proponents of Romania  absorbing Moldova. For the time being, protesters demand the President and the Cabinet to step down and new elections to be held. However, it won’t take long before calls for joining Romania will reappear. This Tuesday, the former Romanian president, Traian Basescu,  evoked this idea of Romania absorbing Moldova.

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Central square in Kishinev is filled with protesters again

10.09.2015 00:01, Kishinev.

Approximately a thousand people have gathered on the square before the government building in Moldova. The stage has been raised here. Protest leaders are rising to the stage and give speeches. The contact group of the civil DA (“Dignity and Truth”) civil platform is prepared to start the negotiations with the President of the country Nikolay Timofti, Parliament speaker Andrian Kandu and prime-minister Valery Strelets.

The number of tents has increased; people bring food to the protesters and raise money for them.

The attempts of the council to meet with Timofti and Kandu failed on Wednesday afternoon. One of the DA platform members, former MP Valentin Dolganyuk has noted during the negotiations with presidential adviser Vlad Tsurkanu that “the fact that the government is not willing to hear out the protesters might cause even greater social tension.”

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Protests in Kishinev continue, the tent camp is growing

09.09.2015, Kishinev.

The protests against the current government in Kishinev continue for the fourth day in a row and are growing. The tent camp next to the government building has grew over the night and now includes up to 250 tents. Sympathizers bring food and hot drinks to the protesters. The participants intent to protest until the authorities comply with the demands of the DA (“Dignity and Truth”) civil platform.

The head of the press center of the rally, Andrey Nastase, declared that the President of the country Nikolay Timofti has made a big mistake when he refused a dialogue with the protesters contact group.

The authorities are outlaws from this day on. Now everybody knows we don’t have a president, a primer-minister and a speaker. Everybody knows these are just puppets! We are a great power together. We will protest on, fight for the resignation of the government, for early parliamentary elections and an elections of the new head of the country through nation-wide voting.

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DA platform in Kishinev doesn’t want to join forces with opposition politicians

08.09.2015, Kishinev.

DA (“Dignity and Truth”) civil platform which organized the rallies in Kishinev does not want to have anything to do with politicians from other opposition parties, as well as parties, which have formed the ruling coalition, said the DA rally press-center head Vasile Nastase.

According to him, the protests in Kishinev were launched by the representatives of the civil society who stand for resignation of the government of the country and “reboot of the authority.

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Russian journalists detained in Kishinev airport

07.09.2015, Kishinev.

LifeNews channel journalist and cameraman were detained during passport control in the main Moldova airport. Russian TV channel correspondents, Natalia Kalysheva and Aleksey Kazannikov have spent approximately eight hours in the airport transit area. Their passports were taken away from them, instead customs officers have issued them a paper listing allegations according to which the journalists are banned from visiting the country.

Customs officers told the journalists that Moldova had no interest in a Russia TV channel covering events in central Kishinev.

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“Euromaidan” launched in Kishinev

06.09.2015 21:24, Kishinev.

The messages coming from the mass media signify that a “Euromaidan” scenario has been launched in Moldova.

Crowds of people have been led out to a square in Kishinev (using legitimate complaints against the government as a pretext). However, the Western media covers situation as if the crowd was representative of the whole Moldovan people.

The media presents the actions of various provokers as actions of opposition activists. The law enforcement agencies are paralyzed and the police is unsure and reluctant to act.  Show business stars are being used to gather the crowd on the protest site.

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