Ukrainian army occupies the “grey zone” after failing near Debaltsevo

24.12.2016, Donbass.

The Ukrainian side claimed that it captured Novoluganskoye village, which officially was in the “grey zone”, but was in fact controlled by Kiev’s military. This way the commanders of Armed Forces of Ukraine try to lift the morale of their soldiers after a completely failed assault near Debaltsevo, which ended in large casualties.

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Total of four LPR servicemen killed, five injured defending Debaltsevo

21.12.2016, Donbass.

Another two servicemen of LPR People’s Militia died defending Debaltsevo area between December 20 and December 21, other two were injured by the enemy’s artillery strikes, LPR People’s Militia spokesman major Andrei Marochko told LuganskInformCenter. A total of four servicemen of Lugansk People’s Republic were killed, five were injured in the course of Ukrainian army’s attempts to breach People’s Militia defense in Debaltsevo area that started on December 18.

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Fighting in Debaltsevo started when Ukrainian army tried to occupy the “grey zone”

20.12.2016, Donbass.

The fighting in Debaltsevo area started with Ukrainian army’s attempt at a breakthrough in the so-called “grey zone” and occupy advantageous positions in LPR People’s Militia area of responsibility, the head of LPR People’s Militia administration colonel Oleg Anashenko told LuganskInformCenter.

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