Filaret: We will call Orthodox compatriots aggressors, then they can decide

06.11.2018, Kiev.

Patriarch Filaret of the so-called Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate (UOC-KP) announced his intention to request that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) be renamed the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine during an interview to Radio Liberty on November 4. Contine reading

American expert: they intimidated us with the Soviet threat, but it was a hoax!

24.10.2018, Washington.

The “Soviet threat” was just as big a lie as Assad’s chemical weapons or  Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction”, Paul Craig Roberts, a prominent American economist, wrote on his website on October 22nd. Contine reading

Kurginyan: Ukrainian authorities admit their guilt for burning people in Odessa

10.10.2018, Moscow.

The Ukrainian authorities’ official representative admitted that the death of people in the Odessa House of Trade Unions was not a tragic accident, but a conscious act of intimidation, Sergey Kurginyan, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, said on the air of the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV program at the Russian Channel One on October 8th. Contine reading