US invent Russian hackers to mask domestic political struggle

19.05.2017, Russia.

Internal political struggle in the US produces a fictitious threat of Russian hackers, Maria Zakharova, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, said in the interview to ABC News on May 18.

The Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman said that we face a situation, which, in case of discontent with the results of the election, fictitious Russian hackers are blamed. However, in the case when the election results are approved, Russian hackers do not appear. Maria Zakharova brought up the situation around Brexit as an example when the UK’s exit from the EU did not require participation of “Russian hackers”.
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A rally in Venezuela resulted in a fight with police

16.05.2017, Venezuela.

An anti-government rally in the state of Carabobo in northern Venezuela on May 15 ended with street clashes with the police, in which firearms were used, the Telesur portal reports.

Protesters fired at policemen, who used tear gas in return. 7 protesters were injured in the clashes. One policeman sustained a gunshot wound to the head; he remains in the hospital in critical condition.
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Essence of Time unit in Donbass. Nov-Dec 2014. Information Center work. Pamir


November 2014 was an anxious month for the Information Center. Despite the fact that main work on producing video reports, gathering and publishing Vostok brigade’s press-center situation reports was already customary, Vostok brigade’s combat leaflets were published regularly, our guys entering their positions in the airport was a difficult moment. Everyday we were receiving situation reports on the wounded, were worried about our comrades.

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DPR Defense Ministry: Kiev is lying and tries to justify its shelling of residential districts of Donbass

15.08.2015 14:06, Donetsk

Kiev is trying to justify its shelling of residential districts of DPR accusing the militia of allegedly record violations of ceasefire, according to Donetsk People’s Republic Defense Ministry.

Earlier the junta’s supporters have claimed that militia has violated the ceasefire 175 in the past 24 hours and called this a record number of cases of shelling in the past several months.

DPR Defense Ministry’s representative:

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