EOT unit in Donbass receives medications from Rostov

19.11.2017, DPR.

A batch of medications was brought from Rostov-on-Don: boxes with physiological saline that is needed both for the dilution of drugs and for intravenous injections; systems, syringes, and venous tourniquets; Ceftriaxone antibiotic; Ketorolac and Analgin anesthetics; antispasmodic agent – Drotaverine; dimexide flask, compresses that are good for muscle strain; plenty of activated carbon tablets, which is very helpful in case of various poisonings. Many thanks to the kind-hearted Rostovites who passed us all these medications. Thanks to them for their kindness and support!
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A present from Kirasa company!

30.10.2017, DPR.

A pleasant surprise was waiting for us in one of the parcels – in addition to the items mentioned in the accompanying list, we found cases for walkie-talkies (a very useful thing) in a box. As it turned out, this was a present from the employees of the Kirasa company in Perm which develops and produces advanced military equipment.
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Thanks to comrades from Lipetsk!

12.10.2017, DPR.

We have received a wonderful gift from a Lipetsk-based  Essence of Time cell, there are 5 boxes with medicaments, tasty food products, warm socks, footwear, and other helpful and necessary things. We noticed how carefully everything was picked. The medicaments include cold medicine and the ones necessary to have in a first aid kit and replenished constantly. There is condensed milk, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, tinned meat, bed linen, bast wisps, and other things very necessary to the unit. Many thanks to the Lipetsk Essence of Time and especially to the solid comrade and wonderful person, Olga Vasilyevna Klekovkina, for worry and care.
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