Western outskirts of Gorlovka hit by heavy shelling (photos)

03.12.2016, Gorlovka.

Residents of Gagarina (Glubokaya) mining village on the western outskirt of Gorlovka spent the night in the basements. Over 15 houses were damaged as a result of an artillery shelling from the side of Ukrainian army-occupied Dzerzhinsk. Gas pipeline is damaged. According to local residents, the enemy fired mortars, tanks and multiple rocket launchers. No casualties were reported.

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170 tourniquets for soldiers of DPR People’s Militia 3rd brigade (photos)

21.11.2016, Gorlovka.

We have delivered 170 medical tourniquets for the soldiers of DPR People’s Militia 3rd brigade, who defend one of the most important parts of the front in the north of Gorlovka. The servicemen were very glad to receive such aid and right away distributed the tourniquets among several platoons on positions in the area of Zaytsevo and Verkhnyaya Zhovanka villages.

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Third of DPR health facilities damaged during the war are repaired despite continuing shellings

10.11.2016, DPR.

41 out of 114 Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) medical facilities damaged during the ongoing Civil War were restored despite the continuing shellings by the Ukrainian Army, the Chief Specialist in the Department for the Technical Supervision Support of DPR Ministry of Health Oleg Popov informed Donetsk News Agency on November 9th. The engineers and workers of the general contractor “Donbasstroy” trust performed all of the repair works.

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