French expert expresses concern that Ukrainian army will hand over French weapons to the Russian troops

13.07.2022, Paris.

The modern Western military equipment, which is supplied to the Ukrainian troops, may end up in the hands of the Russian troops, which makes Western politicians doubt the expediency of their supplies to Kiev. Security expert Guillaume Lagane said this, as Atlantico reported on July 12.

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Rally against Russophobia held in Southwest France

01.07.2022, Bordeaux.

The association Russophones of the Pyrenees (Russophones Des Pyrénées) held a rally in support of Russia and against Russophobia in Pau on June 30. Information about the rally was posted on the Facebook page (organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation) of the association.

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Speech by Pierre de Gaulle, grandson of General de Gaulle, on the occasion of the National Day of the Russian Federation

Pierre de Gaulle, the grandson of Charles de Gaulle, the first president of the French Fifth Republic, spoke on June 14 at a reception at the Embassy in Paris on the occasion of National Day of the Russian Federation. The speech resonated deeply with French civil society activists. This is a translation of the speech in English.

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Opinion of a French political scientist: War between two systems is underway in Ukraine

26.05.2022, Paris.

The transatlantic alliance is ready to use the last Ukrainian to bring its enemy Russia to its knees, political scientist and president of the humanitarian association Urgence Enfants du Donbass Emmanuel Leroy said in an interview with FranceSoir on May 25.

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