EOT unit in Donbass: Winter equipment

10.01.2018, Donetsk.

Friends, a few days ago another regular batch of aid items purchased with money which you donated to the Essence of Time unit had arrived. Warm boots, helmet caps, camouflage tents, and camouflage clothing for snowy weather. Warm socks and gloves, arafatka (kufiya scarves), fifth-grade bulletproof vests, helmets and safety eyewear for military duties. There is also a batch of military medical items including 5 large first aid kits, tourniquets, and individual field dressing packages.
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Happy Volunteer Day!

06.12..2017, DPR.

The 5th of December is Volunteer Day, which is celebrated worldwide, and in Russia as well starting this year. The full name of this holiday established in 1985 by the United Nations General Assembly is “International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development”, i.e. it is the day of volunteers who are ready to spend some part of their time for unpaid work to the benefit of the society.
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A present from Kirasa company!

30.10.2017, DPR.

A pleasant surprise was waiting for us in one of the parcels – in addition to the items mentioned in the accompanying list, we found cases for walkie-talkies (a very useful thing) in a box. As it turned out, this was a present from the employees of the Kirasa company in Perm which develops and produces advanced military equipment.
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Happy birthday, Kontrabas!

28.10.2017, DPR.

We wholeheartedly congratulate our comrade Kontrabas on his birthday. He is one of those who became the backbone of the Essence of Time mission in Donbass. Kontrabas, who was a completely peaceful man before the war, a lecturer in a university, left his beloved job and joined the ranks of the Donbass defenders when the Nazis seized the power in Kiev. In a short period of time, he has become a competent artillerist and commander; currently, he is teaching friends and comrades-in-arms.
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