Essence of Time unit in Donbass. Donetsk airport. Nov-Dec 2014. Schiza: Baptism by fire


The three of us arrived to Donetsk. It turned out to be very easy: you cross the border and customs — and that’s it, war. We crossed the border and were met by a militiaman on a car. One may say that this was our first acquaintance in the militia. We knew the call sign of the person who was supposed to meet us. We approached the car, introduced ourselves, got in, and started moving. En-route we learned from the driver where an Orthodox church is, and stopped there for a moment (our driver turned out to be Ishym — a calm man with a black beard and glasses; he met us from home and he saw us off home. A good man, I got to know him better on Vostok base during my injury).

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Essence of Time unit in Donbass. Donetsk airport. November-December 2014. Volga


The third stage of the service of Essence of Time unit in Donbass
starts with the story of the unit’s commander – Volga.
The stage covers November-December 2014.
In early November 2014 we managed to go to Moscow as a small group. We gave speeches on Essence of Time rally dedicated to November 7. We returned to Donbass on November 11.

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Italian delegation in DPR visits Saint-Iversky monastery (photo report)

02.10.2016, DPR.

International monitors arrived to Donetsk People’s Republic due to the primary elections in the country. Among the delegates, Donetsk was visited by a well-known Italian analyst, writer and public figure Giulietto Chiesa, member of the regional council of Piedmont (Italy) Mauricio Marrone and our old friends, journalist and historian Eliseo Bertolasi.

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Ukrainian saboteurs lost up to 10 people trying to infiltrate Donetsk airport area

24.07.2016, Donetsk.

Donetsk People’s Republic forces prevented the attempt of recon-sabotage group (RSG) of Ukrainian army to infiltrate the positions of the Republic in Donetsk airport area, DPR Deputy Operations Commander Eduard Basurin informed today in Donetsk News Agency press-center.

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Donbass with Texas. Episode 10: “The airport, Zhabunki & ‘Volvo-Centre’ “

As we promised before, this episode of our weekly program “Donbass with Texas” is devoted to the forward positions of the 11-th motorized rifle regiment on the north side of Donetsk. Greek, the battalion commander, showed us the airport of Donetsk, the ruined garden suburb of Zhabunki and ‘Volvo – Centre’. It’s one of the hottest sections of the frontline.

War Diary: Texas Reminisces about His First New Year’s Day in Donetsk


War Diary by Russell “Texas” Bentley

My First Battle, Troishka, New Year’s Day 2015


The Greanville Post Editor’s Note: Our correspondent Russell Bentley has been filing his dispatches from Donetsk for over  a year now. In the process, and chiefly due to the fact he often does his writing literally from the frontlines of the war in Eastern Ukraine, as a regular soldier in the Novorossyian Armed Forces (NAF), the priorities in the publication of his materials have sometimes shifted. This is a report filed by him about one year ago, and subsequently modified. Passages may have been published before. But what he has to say—as always— remains relevant, fresh, and inspiring. —PG

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