DPR military intelligence registers firefights between the Ukrainian military and Ukrainian National Guard in Shyrokino

04.09.2015 11:41, Shyrokino.

DPR military intelligence has registered skirmishes between Ukrainian army and Ukrainian National Guard divisions in Shyrokino village area – on the contact line, according to DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin.

The firefights happened from September 1 to September 3. Ukrainian army and Ukrainian National Guards have shelled each others positions.

Most probably the firefights were provoked by clashes in Kiev, which have affected the moral and mental health of the Ukrainian servicemen in the village occupied by the National Guard.

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Lavrov on Rada clashes and amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine

01.09.2015, Moscow.

The head of Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov commented on Verkhovnaya Rada (Ukrainian Parliament – ed.) clashes.

They were the very same “Svoboda” party extremists who, according to Ukrainian Minister of the Interior, are guilty of these crimes: murder of National Guard serviceman and injuring dozens of civilians.

Lavrov also noted that “Svoboda” party charter includes a commitment to ideas of Ukrainian nationalists who supported Hitler in World War II. Besides, the Minister reminded that it is necessary to coordinate the amendments with Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics.

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Kiev junta’s Interior Ministry: Nazi “Svoboda” party leader Tyagnibok was among the riot participants in Kiev

31.08.2015 21:34, Kiev.

According to Kiev junta’s Interior Ministry head Arsen Avakov, he possess materials which prove that radical Nazi “Svoboda” party leader Oleg Tyagnibok participated in clashes near the Ukrainian Parliament, Verkhovnaya Rada.

I have seen the police footage, saw the photos where Mr. Tyagnibok stands near his supporters, together with those who beat our guys. I don’t understand why Ukraine has to pay such a price in order to let Tyagnibok and his party return back to power… Did your political ambitions turn out to be more important than Ukraine, Mr. Tyagnibok?

Up to 125 people were injured, one serviceman has died in the hospital as a result of today’s clashes. As of now the clashes have stopped.


Source: RIA Novosti

21 person suffered shrapnel wounds as a result of today’s grenade explosion near Ukrainian Parliament

31.08.2015 20:09, Kiev.

Ukrainian Health Ministry updates that 21 person received shrapnel wounds during the clashes near the Verkhovnaya Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament, earlier today.

According to the Health Ministry, 44 people (civilians, as well as law-enforcement) have turned to the ambulances for medical help. They suffered from poisoning, laceration wounds, bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, concussions.


Source: Ukrainian Health Ministry

French journalist received head injuries during clashes near Ukrainian Parliament

31.08.2015 15:18, Kiev.

French “Finance” periodical journalist received head injuries during clashes near Ukrainian Verkhovnaya Rada (Parliament – ed.) building in Kiev, according to Kiev junta’s Rada MP Aleksey Goncharenko.

He received first aid and we have handed him to the ambulance. 17-th Kiev hospital is full over capacity.


Source: RT

30 protesters taken in custody as a result of clashes near Ukrainian Parliament

31.08.2015 14:32, Kiev.

The head of Ukrainian Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov has declared that over 30 protesters who participated in clashes near the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovnaya Rada) in Kiev have been taken into custody.

The investigation and the punishment will be inevitable. Over 30 people have been detained at the moment. There will be more. The grenade thrower was caught – grenades were take from him, including an F-1 grenade meant for inflicting maximum damage.


Source: RIA Novosti

New clashes erupt near Ukrainian Parliament

31.08.2015 14:26, Kiev.

The demonstrators opposing the adoption of decentralization amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution have once again clashed with police and National Guard near the Verkhovnaya Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament, RIA Novosti reports from the site.

After the rally near the Rada has ended, the demonstrators started to leave. However, they have encountered the National Guard near the Rada, on Grushevskogo street. After a verbal exchange with National Guard members, the demonstrators have surrounded them and started beating them. Another hundred policemen have come to their aid.

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