Thanks to comrades from Lipetsk!

12.10.2017, DPR.

We have received a wonderful gift from a Lipetsk-based  Essence of Time cell, there are 5 boxes with medicaments, tasty food products, warm socks, footwear, and other helpful and necessary things. We noticed how carefully everything was picked. The medicaments include cold medicine and the ones necessary to have in a first aid kit and replenished constantly. There is condensed milk, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, tinned meat, bed linen, bast wisps, and other things very necessary to the unit. Many thanks to the Lipetsk Essence of Time and especially to the solid comrade and wonderful person, Olga Vasilyevna Klekovkina, for worry and care. Contine reading

New equipment arrives in nick of time

06.10.2017, DPR.

We have received a long-awaited consignment of outfit and equipment, which was purchased with money donated to our unit. Solid strong gorkas (Mountain Windproof suits), boots, thermal underwear, good hats, and socks — all suitable for autumn. The package also included tactical glasses and tactical headsets. We allocated and distributed everything right away. The personnel is delighted –  wait for reviews, as well as photo reports. Contine reading

Media: Victory by the Venezuelan opposition would lead to a fierce dictatorship

28.06.2017, Venezuela.

If the right-wing opposition wins, Venezuela will face the fiercest dictatorship in the Latin America, journalist Napoleon Suarez said on June 28 at a conference in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, the portal reports.

“We young people are responsible for preventing the right-wing from coming to power as they are going to establish the fiercest dictatorship Latin America has ever seen,” Suarez said. Suarez is a member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Spanish: Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela) founded by Hugo Chávez.

Suarez is outraged with the bias in the mainstream media’s reporting on the events in Venezuela; however, he urges Venezuelan socialists to be self-critical; he says that no adequate measures had been developed to give an adequate response to the “systemic warfare” being waged against Venezuela. “We need new leaders of the people, who are already in politics and who are making politics,” Suarez said. Contine reading