The Fair Aid Charity brings 43 children from Donbass to Russia for medical treatment

01.08.2017, DPR.

The Fair Aid Charity – known popularly as Dr. Liza’s Foundation – brought 43 children from Donbass to Russia for medical treatment since the beginning of this year, a board member of the Charity, the organizer of the projects of aid to children of Donbass and Syria Natalya Avilova said in an interview to journalists, RIA Novosti news agency informs.
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The Third Congress of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance: Overview

08.05.2017, Russia.

This is the translation of the series of the presentations and the resolution of the Third Congress of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance (the ARPR) organization. The Third Congress titled “The Impending Catastrophe and How to Combat It”  was held in Moscow on April 15th. Delegates from 64 regional offices arrived at the event. Members of The Federation Council and State Duma also participated, along with ombudsmen for children’s rights from a number of regions, clergy from various denominations, family and children’s experts that work in science, the arts, and education, from other parental organizations.
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RVS (All-Russian Parents Resistance) Expert: We cannot allow our children to become cannon fodder for a new “führer”

24.04.2017, Russia.

In social networks, schoolchildren are exposed to a certain subculture which uses methods of intimidation and terror, Andrey Trubnikov, an activist from the Bryansk branch of the All-Russian Parents Resistance (Russian: RVS) organization,  reported during the Third Congress of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance organization on April 15.

The RVS activist spoke about large youth groups in social networks which are created using the principles of psychological pressure, intimidation, and terror. For example, participants of such groups are offered to anonymously post the contact information about their so-called “enemies”, and to organize their “punishment”.
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Mamikonyan: Children are abducted from their families under the most monstrous pretexts

23.04.2017, Russia.

At the Third Congress of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance organization (Russian: RVS), the chairwoman of this organization, Maria Mamikonyan, spoke about the practice of the abduction children from families by child protective services, on April 15, as reported by the correspondent of the Rossa Primavera News Agency.

RVS chairwoman’s speech also acted as the presentation of the RVS’ report to the Russian president about the practice of abducting children from families in Russia. As the RVS uncovered, the abduction of children often happens in public places, schools, hospitals, without warning the parents. As a result, the family is faced with an accomplished fact, “the child has been taken away by an inter-departmental commission,” the RVS chairman said.
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Spanish expert: Roots of forced foster care system lay in fascist organizations

21.04.2017, Russia.

An investigation has made it possible to conclude that the roots of the Spanish system of forced foster care come from fascist organizations. Such a conclusion emerges from factual data provided by members of the Spanish anti-child-trafficking movement “Turquoise Wave” (Spanish: Marea Turquesa),  Spanish human rights activist Vera Rodionova stated in her speech during the Third Congress of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance organization. That is reported by Rossa Primavera News Agency reporter today, on April 15th.
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DPR sappers teach children how to behave when encountering explosive device

13.02.2017, DPR.

Over 100 schoolchildren attended a lesson in courage* in school No 113 of the front-line district of Petrovsky in Donetsk. This lesson was organized by activists from the “Donetsk Republic” social movement. The children learned safety measures in the event of finding an explosive device, and they watched a video about the war in Donbass.
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New Year’s visit to Sofia from Yasinovataya


Yesterday Texas and other Essence of Time mission in Donbass members visited Sofia from Yasinovataya, the girl suffering from cerebral palsy. Sofia was very glad to see us. This time we brought yet another box of medicine, which will last Sofia three months. This aid arrived thanks to Pedro from the UK and our subscribers who donate funds to the card of Essence of Time unit in Donbass. Apart from expensive medicine, the family is now saving money to buy special orthopedic footwear without which the girl will not be able to walk.

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