Like in the Czech Republic. Bureaucrats in Sofia want to demolish Monument to Soviet Soldiers

27.05.2020, Sofia.

The head of the Lozenets district in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, Konstantin Pavlov made a proposal to demolish a monument to Soviet soldiers erected on the place of a communal grave, where the remains of 154 soviet soldiers and officers lie, and to rename the Boulevard in honor of a liberal journalist Anna Politkovskaya [known for her criticism of the Kremlin’s policy in Chechnya; obtained United States citizenship – translator’s note], reports the oldest Czech daily newspaper on May 24.

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Bulgarian children are being made ignorant of the USSR’s role in the victory over Nazism

14.03.2018, Moscow.

Foreign NGOs are destroying the memory about Russia’s role in the liberation of Bulgaria and in the victory over Nazism in the World War Two through the introduction of educational programs for students in Bulgarian schools,  member of the Civic Chamber of (CC) the Russian Federation Ivan Abazher said on March 12, according to a staff correspondent of the Rossa Primavera Information Agency.
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Member of Polish Sejm: Trimarium will strengthen member states’ positions in EU

09.10.2017, Lithuania.

The Trimarium format will allow suggesting ideas about the future of the European Union and proposals on the issues of security and sanctions against Russia, the Polish Sejm Defense Committee’s Chairman Michał Jach said as he arrived to Lithuania on a working visit, Vesti-Kaliningrad reports citing Baltic News Service (BNS).
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Patriarch of All Bulgaria opposes Kiev’s anti-church initiatives

14.06.2017, Bulgaria.

Patriarch of All Bulgaria and Metropolitan of Sofia Neophyte strongly criticized the proposed anti-church bills by the Ukrainian parliament, according to the TASS News Agency on June 13.

The head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church sent a letter to the Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko.

The Patriarch states in his letter, “We consider the proposed changes to be of openly discriminatory nature, they clearly violate the principle of equality of religious organizations before the law, and leaves their fate to be decided by other people. This creates a legal basis for schismatics and extremists to take over churches of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.”
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