Security Council of Russia explains why the USA has laboratories all around the world

11.05.2021, Moscow.

The United States is creating individual programs for different countries along the Russian borders to develop biologics for military use, First Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Yury Averyanov said in an interview to RIA Novosti on May 11.

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Russian Security Council Secretary: Number of biolaboratories under US control is growing near Russia’s borders

07.04.2021, Moscow.

The Security Council believes that biological weapons are being developed in the laboratories under US control located near the borders of Russia and China, said Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev to Kommersant newspaper on April 7.

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Expert: Armenian biological laboratories open for USA but closed to Russia

05.08.2020, Yerevan.

The Armenian biological laboratories de jure belong to Armenia itself, but de facto their operation is controlled by the United States of America, international expert on zoogenous diseases monitoring and organization of veterinary health, the leader of the United Health Armenian coalition Grigor Grigoryan said on July 29 at a press conference in the Ayely (Mirror) club.

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CIS is concerned about safety in the USA’s biological laboratories in Ukraine and in Georgia

30.06.2020, Moscow.

Problems of public administration in Ukraine and Georgia have raised concerns about the safety of US Biolabs in these countries, said Andrey Novikov, Head of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Anti-Terrorism Center (ATC) said in an interview with TASS on June 29.

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