Lukashenko: We would have long been crushed and trampled without Beria

01.09.2022, Minsk.

The outcome of the work of the head of the state security authorities and internal affairs of the USSR Lavrentiy Beria, including his effort to develop the Soviet nuclear program, is what now saves Russia and Belarus from being “crushed and trampled” by the Western countries, President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko said on September 1 at an online lesson he gave to the students of schools and universities.

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Kurginyan: Belarus has to converge with Russia to survive

15.05.2022, Moscow.

President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko made a decision to converge with Russia only when he realized that his country could not survive under West’s pressure, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on May 11 in an interview to BelTA.

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Lukashenko: If the USSR existed, there would not be many conflicts in the world today

19.03.2022, Moscow.

The existence of the Soviet Union would have allowed us to avoid many conflicts in the world today arising from a unipolar world order dominated by the United States, said President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko in an interview with the Japanese broadcaster TBS, excerpts of which are available on the YouTube channel of TV channel Belarus-1 on Saturday.

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