Escalation of the Global Gas War. Part VII


The possible success of the US-Iranian negotiations on the nuclear program will open the doors to connecting Iranian gas shipments to the “Southern Gas Corridor.” This gas, along with gas from Turkmenistan, would allow the EU to “get Europe off of the Russian gas needle” entirely over just a few years.

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Conflicting information regarding victims of resumed Azerbaijan’s offensive in Karabakh

04.04.2016, Nagorny Karabakh.

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic informs that 300 Azerbaijan soldiers were killed and 1000 were wounded in the resumed offensive of Azerbaijan in Nagorny Karabakh on April 4. Azerbaijan refutes this and claims that it eliminated high ranking Armenian officers, including generals, in the offensive, as well as 30 Armenian soldiers and three tanks. Nagorny Karabakh denies the death of officers, Interfax reports.

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