A bill to counteract the “Blue Whale” game is introduced to the Argentinian Parliament

27.06.2017, Argentina.

According to the TASS News Agency, on July 27, member of parliament Juan Fernando Brügge said on Facebook, that the bill making the punishment for pushing “Blue Whale” players to suicide more strict was introduced by the Renewal Front (Spanish: Frente Renovador editor’s note), an Argentinian opposition party “.

The Argentinian parliament member wrote, that the bill “not only toughens the punishment, but it also provides instruments for law enforcement agencies” to effectively counteract those plotting to push young users to suicide through games in social networks.

The teenager died in late May; he was trying to complete a task received from “Blue Whale”. His parents say that the boy was hospitalized after his suicide attempt in late May, but it was not possible to save his life. The teenager died despite the doctors’ efforts. The police opened a murder investigation.
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Argentina cancels disability pensions to tens of thousands of retirees

14.06.2017, Argentina.

The Argentinian government canceled disability pensions for more than 150 thousand people, the TeleSUR pan-Latin American television network reported on June 14.

Guillermo Badino, the President of the National Pensions Commission, said that the government intends to reduce the budget deficit, even if it means canceling pensions.  “We have canceled disability pensions to those who simply have a certain degree of disability but who are not to the completely or permanently disabled”, said the official. “For example, a person with Down syndrome is not qualified to receive a disability pension because of inability to work.”
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