DPR servicemen congratulate everyone with Victory Day!

09.05.2017, DPR.

Today, the Donetsk People’s Republic held a parade in honor of the 72nd anniversary of the Day of the Great Victory over fascism. Servicemen of the “Essence of Time” unit in Donbass, international volunteers, and veterans of the Great Patriotic War congratulate everyone with this sacred Holiday.

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Anti-fascists from Europe and Latin America arrived to the Donetsk People’s Republic

04.05.2017, DPR.

A large group of anti-fascists from Europe and Latin America visited DPR. Altogether there were about 40 people, including the famous Italian left-wing rock band “Banda Bassotti”. The comrades brought humanitarian aid for the orphanages and medical facilities of the Republic. They put on an extemporaneous concert in downtown Donetsk. They also met and talked to the internationalists, who are fighting in the ranks of the Donetsk People’s Republic army. For the anti-fascists of the entire world, Donbass is a focus of resistance against the global Nazism. Contine reading

Donetsk commemorated the victims of Nazi concentration camps (photos)

12.04.2017, DPR.

Donetsk Youth Center held a concert in memory of the International Day of Fascist Concentration Camps Prisoners Liberation today. Groups of young performers played for concentration camp survivors and veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Among the guests was Anna Ignatievna Stepanova, who was imprisoned at age 3, but miraculously survived. The audience commemorated the victims of German and Ukrainian Nazism with a Minute of Silence. Contine reading

International Day of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps

17.04.2017, DPR.

April the 11th is the International Day of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. Donetsk citizens came to the memorial for the Victims of Nazis to pay a tribute to the victims and honor the survivors. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War together with the youth, who in our times are especially reverent towards history, took part in the commemoration event. Alla Ignatievna Stepanova, who went through the Nazi concentration camps as a child and survived against all odds, was among participants, as well. She expressed her enormous gratitude toward soldiers of the Red Army for saving her life and lives of many other prisoners in 1945. Contine reading

Aid from Antifascists in Germany

05.04.2017, DPR.

We met the group of the antifascists from Germany, who came in Donetsk People’s Republic for a brief visit. The comrades from Germany brought humanitarian aid, visited Donetsk, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya, and Makeevka. One of the places they visited was the Republican Youth Public Dormitory, which serves as a shelter for orphans who have already left their orphanage, and for single mothers with their children. Contine reading

Essence of Time unit in Donbass. Nov-Dec 2014. Mars: Winter campaign


The previous stage – carrying out tasks in Yasinovataya and Panteleimonovka – became decisive for me in choosing my specialization. To be more precise, Essence of Time Independent Tactical Group (EoT ITG) Volga chose my specialization by handing me a sniper rifle, but I gladly jumped at the chance. You bet I did, given that in my past, pre-war life one of my hobbies was rifle shooting, though an air rifle, but nevertheless it was it, the shooting, which allowed to enter my valued state of specific tranquility and concentration. I have no idea how the commander guessed this, but I am very grateful to him for choosing me. Some time later the commander got another rifle, and my friend and comrade Liteyshik and I became the first sniper pair of our unit. Later in the airport five snipers were in EoT ITG.

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Essence of Time unit in Donbass. Nov-Dec 2014. Information Center work. Pamir


November 2014 was an anxious month for the Information Center. Despite the fact that main work on producing video reports, gathering and publishing Vostok brigade’s press-center situation reports was already customary, Vostok brigade’s combat leaflets were published regularly, our guys entering their positions in the airport was a difficult moment. Everyday we were receiving situation reports on the wounded, were worried about our comrades.

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Essence of Time unit in Donbass. Donetsk airport. Nov-Dec 2014. Schiza: Baptism by fire


The three of us arrived to Donetsk. It turned out to be very easy: you cross the border and customs — and that’s it, war. We crossed the border and were met by a militiaman on a car. One may say that this was our first acquaintance in the militia. We knew the call sign of the person who was supposed to meet us. We approached the car, introduced ourselves, got in, and started moving. En-route we learned from the driver where an Orthodox church is, and stopped there for a moment (our driver turned out to be Ishym — a calm man with a black beard and glasses; he met us from home and he saw us off home. A good man, I got to know him better on Vostok base during my injury).

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