Syrian army recaptured important town in Aleppo province from terrorists

05.06.2017, Syria.

Syrian government forces dislodged terrorists from the town of Maskanah, Syrian military informed on June 5, Xinhua reports.

The liberation of Maskanah allowed to achieve significant progress in combat activity in the region. Aside from capturing the strategic town, which was the last base of ISIL (organization banned in Russia) in the Aleppo province, Syrian government forces have also retaken important infrastructure facilities including two water supply facilities, which terrorists tried to put out of operation by placing mines and explosive devices.  At the moment, the mines are defused. Continue reading

Syria war situation report as of December 9, 16:00 CET

09.12.2016, Syria.

SANA: Air Force of the so-called “international coalition” headed by the United States once again strike residential districts in the province and city of Raqqa, killing and injuring dozens of civilians.

Local sources report that 20 people were killed by “coalition” airstrikes in al-Msheirfeh area in the north of Raqqa province. There are also people injured, houses were damaged.

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Syria war situation as of December 8, 15:30 CET

08.12.2016, Syria.

I24 News: Israeli Tel Aviv and Jaffa-based news service I24 News reported that one of the leaders of Syrian armed opposition thanked Israel for striking Mezzeh military base in Damascus province. Lawyer and high-ranking member of the Syrian Revolutionary Command Council Khaled Khalaf claimed “If Israel repeats what it did this morning [referring to the alleged strikes], in the coming days we will achieve victories against the regime.”

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Russian field hospital in Aleppo shelled by militants, doctor and nurse killed, multiple people injured

05.12.2016, Aleppo.

Militants have shelled a Russian field hospital in Aleppo. The admissions ward was directly hit by a shell. The medics came here from Khmeimim airbase just a couple of days ago. Two of them have been killed, their colleagues are currently fighting for the life of the third one. Local peaceful residents were also injured, as well as an RT journalist – he got injured during the repeat shelling, Russia24 channel reports.

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