Odessa tragedy of May 2nd. 4 years have passed

05.05.2018, Odessa.

On May 2nd, 2014 Odessa witnessed clashes between the people opposing the authorities who came to power as a result of the Maidan victory, and radical and national groups together with the members of the rally “for territorial integrity of Ukraine.” The clashes started around Grecheskaya Street and Sobornaya Square killing two nationalists and four oppositioners. Later, nationalists moved to the Kulikovo Field, where the Anti-Maidan camp was set up. To this day, no one knows how the idea to seek refuge at the Trade Union building emerged. But the people, who went there, in fact, became trapped. The Trade Union building was set on fire. The radicals did not let the opposition members leave the building. Some people jumped out of the windows trying to escape fire and smoke. Those jumpers who survived were finished off after landing. Later, the information was provided that radicals not only blocked the exit, but entered the building to finish off all survivors.
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