Professor: It was not Lenin who planted a bomb under the country, but the Russian Empire

24.04.2020, Moscow.

The reason for the USSR’s collapse lies in the rejection of socialism and the movement towards communism, not in both Lenin’s and the Bolsheviks’ ethnic policies, said Alexander Buzgalin, Doctor of Economics, Professor at Moscow State University, Department of Finance and Credit in an interview to a Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent on April 22.

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Politician: The best memory of Lenin is an implementation of the socialist revolution

22.04.2020, Saint Petersburg.

The best thing to do in honor of Lenin on either the anniversary year, or at any other time is to move toward the implementation of the socialist revolution, said the Secretary of Russian Communist Workers Party (RCWP) for the Workers’ Movement Stepan Malentsov in an interview to a Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent on April 21.

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Historian: Lenin issue is about whether people will be robbed

22.04.2020, Moscow.

No national unity regarding Lenin is possible, because it depends on the issue of social justice, which remains unresolved, Candidate of Historical Scientist, Professor of Russian History Department of the Institute of History and Political Science at the Moscow Pedagogical State University Kirill Konyukhov said in an interview to the Rossa Primavera News Agency on April 20.

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Expert: Stalin was Lenin’s successor in combating the bourgeoisie

17.04.2020, Moscow.

As Lenin’s ideological heir, Stalin continued the struggle against the bourgeoisie with more stringent tools and under more severe conditions, said Alexey Boldyrev, Associate Professor at the Department of History of Russian Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University (MSU) with a Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent on April 15.

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Professor: Lenin’s contribution to humanity’s history is absolutely unique

14.04.2020, Rostov-on-Don.

The founder of the USSR Vladimir Ilyich Lenin developed and laid the foundation for a completely unprecedented project in social history, said Doctor of Philosophy, Professor at the Southern Federal University Vladimir Korolyov, a Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent reports on April 12.

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