DPR military intelligence: camouflaged junta’s tanks and self-propelled artillery guns near Gorlovka and Donetsk

20.08.2015 11:08, DPR

The punitive forces continue to gather forces near the contact line for an attack, according to DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin.

Military intelligence has uncovered the carefully camouflaged positions of the punitive forces. 6 self-propelled guns were spotted near Zaytsevo (northern Gorlovka outskirt – ed.), another 6 self-propelled guns were spotted east of Aleksandropol township (20 km west of Donetsk – ed.). Artillery positions were uncovered west of Zhelannoye Pervoye village (18 km west of Donetsk – ed).

Deputy Defense Minister added that up to 40 tanks were uncovered in southern Novomikhaylovka (12 km south-west of Donetsk), howitzer artillery positions were spotted in Opytnoye township (Artemovsk suburb – ed.), up to a battalion (up to 500 people) of Ukrainian border guard personnel.

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“Right sector” neo-Nazi organization has decided to replace Kharkov’s police

20.08.2015 08:15, Kharkov

The neo-Nazi “Right sector” militants have decided to replace Kharkov‘s police. “Right sector” is patrolling the city, without limiting itself to unsanctioned use of excessive force while the city’s road police is undergoing reorganization.

The leader of the local regional “Right sector” organization Andrey Sanin is commenting the work of the patrols:

We are not police, we may act a bit radical.

Adviser to the head of Kharkov region Interior Ministry directorate Aleksandr Sirota said to Ukrainian “Vesti” newspaper:

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Kiev junta will face a court trial for destroying Ukrainian monuments

20.08.2015 06:14, Donetsk

The destruction of monuments of culture on territory controlled by the Ukrainian militants should cause a court trial, according to the managing director of the Republic Museum of Local History Denis Kuznetsov.

The fact that Ukraine is destroying historical and cultural monuments on disputed (controlled by the Ukrainian military) territories of Donbass should be brought to a court trial. After our Republic will be recognized we will file a lawsuit against them. Most of these monuments are registered as Ukrainian historical monuments of national importance. This shows how the government treats its cultural heritage.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

08:53, Donetsk: a civilian injured, 3 houses burned down as a result of Petrovsky district shelling by Kiev’s punitive forces

20.08.2015 08:53, Donetsk

A civilian was injured as a result of a night’s shelling of Petrovsky district of Donetsk by Kiev’s militants, three houses burned down, according to local authorities.

Aleksandrovka township (part of Petrovsky district of Donetsk – ed.) commandant Vladimir Cherkas:

Western part of the township was shelled on August 19 at approximately 23:00, two streets received damage, three houses were hit.

According to him, the punitive forces have shelled the township from their positions in Maryanka.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

03:25, Donbass: 36th Russian humanitarian convoy headed to Donbass

20.08.2015 03:25, Donbass

Another convoy with humanitarian aid from Russia has moved out to DPR and LPR.

Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations public affairs office:

Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations convoy with humanitarian aid for Donbass has moved out from Donskoy Rescue Center towards the border at 4:00 Moscow time.

Over 100 trucks carry over 1000 tons of humanitarian aid – food products, medicine and primary goods essential for life. Food products include macaroni, flour, sugar, tea, vegetable oil and canned goods.


Source: RIA Novosti

22:52, Mariupol: Kiev junta’s punitive forces have ran over a woman with a truck

19.08.2015 22:52, Mariupol

A traffic accident involving a military truck occurred in the north-eastern outskirts of Mariupol, in Sartana village, a woman received injuries, according to Kiev junta’s Defense Ministry public affairs office.

The truck belonging to one of the Ukrainian army military bases ran over an 84-year old woman, resident of the village, who has received a traumatic brain injury and a chest bruise. The injured woman was urgently hospitalized to one of Mariupol’s hospitals. Afterwards her son took her home.

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The punitive forces will answer for their war crimes in an international court

19.08.2015 20:10, DPR

Donetsk People’s Republic’s authorities are registering all information regarding the shelling by Kiev’s militants, according to DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin. He noted that all gathered facts will be filed to an international military tribunal.

DPR and LPR have already adressed the UN Security Council earlier with a plea to create an international tribunal to investigate the war crimes the Kiev junta has committed during the punitive operation in Donbass.

Criminal cases were on every fact of shelling by the Ukrainian military. The commanders of Ukrainian units shelling cities, towns, townships and villages of DPR will be prosecuted. The materials gathered for the criminal cases will be filed to an international military tribunal. Every person guilty of the deaths of civilians of the republic will not get away with it.

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OSCE Mission will be ready to work in Gorlovka only when it will be safe

19.08.2015 12:29, Gorlovka

OSCE Monitors are wary of opening headquarters in Gorlovka – it is too dangerous, according to OSCE SMM Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug, and it won’t become safe overnight. Earlier Gorlovka residents have expressed the desire for OSCE to be present in Gorlovka. Hug promised to evaluate the possibility of doing so.

Deputy Chief Monitor has also said that Kiev junta’s militants are preventing the monitors from operating in Kiev occupied territories.

We encounter problems at the Ukrainian checkpoints. Yes, we are not allowed to visit the villages, such problem does exist.


Source: TASS