[18+] “The Right Sector”: the history, fascist ideology and role in Euromaidan (Ukraine)

A detailed movie about the Ukrainian neo-Nazi organization “Right sector”, its history, the fascist ideology and its role in the military coup of Euromaidan in 2014 in Ukraine. The movie includes genuine quotes of the representatives of the Right Sector together with quotes of the ideologists of Ukrainian nationalism (Bandera, Stetsko, Shukhevych, etc.).

WARNING: The movie is published to raise awareness about the violations of human rights by Ukrainian neo-Nazi organizations, e.g. the “Right Sector”. This movie includes some pictures and footage of graphic violence and that is why there are age restrictions: 18+.

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28.03.2015 American who fights in Donbass against Kiev fascists talks about the war in Ukraine [EoT TV DPR]

From the very beginning of the Maidan in 2013, the militiaman from the United States, call sign “Texas”, has realized that the USA is about to destroy Ukraine and bathe it in the blood of a civil war – like they did in Libya in 2011, like they did in Syria. More than that, whilst the powers the United States supported in Libya and Syria were radicals, Islamists like Al-Qaeda (Organization banned in Russia) and ISIS (Organization banned in Russia), the leaders of the US-supported Ukrainian Maidan of 2013 were true fascists, Nazis, mostly – the supporters of the Ukrainian fascist leader Stepan Bandera.

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17.03.2015 Requiem ceremony in memory of murdered children of Donbass, Donetsk

A requiem ceremony which took place on March 17, 2015 on the central square of Donetsk to commemorate the children of Donbass murdered by Kiev’s punitive forces. Several dozen children have been murdered in the war that the Ukrainian junta started against its citizens in Donbass.

One of the most recent child victims was an 8-year old girl Polina, who was murdered on March 16, 2015 in Konstantinovka city, which has been under control of Kiev junta’s punitive forces. Drunk Ukrainian soldiers run an armored vehicle over Polina, her aunt and a baby in a stroller – all of this happened away from the road. Polina and her aunt died. Fed up, Konstantinovka residents started protesting against the presence of the junta’s forces. Later that evening they were throwing stones at the windows of the dormitory that housed the junta’s soldiers and allegedly tried to set it on fire, demanding to surrender those guilty of this tragedy to them.

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10.03.2015 Interview with female militia member: “Why I took up arms and what I fight for” [EoT TV DPR]

The independent special operations “Khan” battalion played a decisive part in capturing and holding Logvinovo, a key locality of the Debaltsevo pocket. The capture of this location completed the encirclement of the punitive forces and isolated them in the pocket. Interview with a female militia member of the battalion, call sign “Dawn”, a mother, who took up arms to defend her children.

05.12.2014 A lesson in courage in a school of Makeevka [EoT TV DPR]

A lesson in courage in one of the schools of Donetsk People’s Republic

This video is about so-called “lesson in courage” in one of the schools in Donbass. The general idea of the “lessons in courage”, a long-lasting tradition, is to remind pupils about the war against fascism in the XX century and to explain them what fascism is about. The modern-day lessons in courage in Donetsk People’s Republic also cover the topic that is beyond all common sense for any person who sees what is happening in Ukraine: Ukrainian ultra-nationalism in XXI century Europe and its consequences for Donbass and all of Ukraine.

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