Igor Plotnitsky: we are waiting for the reaction of the Normandy Four to the violations of the Minsk agreements by the Kiev junta

14.08.2015 23:55

Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics are waiting for the reaction of the “Normandy Four” to the violations of the Kiev junta of the Minsk agreements, according to the Head of LPR Igor Plotnitsky.

Aleksandr Zakharchenko and I have addressed the “Normandy Four” asking them to come out and say their word. They see and know that Ukraine does not work on implementing the Minsk agreements. We are waiting for the response.

It will be possible to clearly say if the Minsk agreements are over or not” after their answer, pointed out Plotnitsky.


Source: TASS

12:57, DPR: Kiev continues to concentrate military hardware at the contact line

14.08.2015 12:57, DPR

The punitive forces continue to to concentrate heavy military hardware at the Donbass contact line, 17 “Grad” multiple rocket launch systems were spotted, according to DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin.

11 “Grad” multiple rocket launch systems were spotted arriving in Krasnogorovka, 700 personnel of two tank companies have, 4 “Grad” units, 9 self-propelled artillery guns and two “Pion” type self-propelled artillery guns arrived in Tarasovka and Vodyanoye region. 10 D-30 (122 mm howitzers – ed.) have been spotted arriving in Starognatovka and Novoignatyevka, five kilometers from the contact line. 2 “Grad” units have arrived to Mirnoye village, two 152 mm howitzers are repositioning in Talakovka region.

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11:52, DPR Defense Ministry: the Ukrainian army has violated the ceasefire over one hundred times in the past 24 hours

14.08.2015 11:52, Donetsk

Kiev junta’s militants have violated the ceasefire over one hundred times in the past 24 hours, weaponry used includes artillery and multiple-rocket launch systems, according to the DPR Defense Ministry.

The number of cases of shelling with the use of artillery and multiple-rocket launch systems by the Ukrainian side has increased dramatically in the past 24 hours. 103 cases of ceasefire violations are registered in total, including 56 cases against Donetsk and nearby areas, 18 from the Mariupol direction, and 29 against Gorlovka and nearby areas.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

08:00, Makeevka: three civilians injured by Kiev junta’s punitive forces shelling of the city

14.08.2015 08:00, Makeevka

Three civilians were injured when the Kiev junta’s army shelled Makeevka, according to the city mayor Yury Pokintelitsa.

A woman was injured as a result of the shelling – she is in the hospital right now, a 19-year old man received multiple injuries, injured by shell fragments, another man has a concussion.

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07:56, Gorlovka: one person dead after Kiev’s militants shell the city

14.08.2015 07:56, Gorlovka

Kiev’s militants have shelled Gorlovka this night, a civilian died, according to the city administration’s information-analytical department.

A 77-year old man died in Nikitovsky district, a shell hit his house.

Direct hits were also registered in Kalininsky district of the city, a barn was destroyed, shelled by heavy artillery, ““Grad” missiles and a self-propelled artillery gun shells


Source: Donetsk News Agency

12:31, DPR Defense Ministry: Ukrainian military hardware is transferred via Izium city

13.08.2015 12:31, DPR

DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin:

A convoy consisting of 40 units of armored fighting vehicles was spotted leaving Izium city and heading towards Kamenka township. A railroad train carrying 30 units of armored fighting vehicles was spotted arriving at Izium. The vehicles formed another convoy prepared to head out towards the contact line.

10 tanks were spotted moving on the Mariupol direction. Other than that, an increase in the number of vehicles with medical equipment on board is being registered in areas of enemy personnel concentration, as well as preparation of additional hospital facilities in Mariupol.

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