The rule of Italian fascism. Political formation and fascist practices. Part II


Mussolini — for the first time in history — consistently put into action in Italy the whole system of main concepts of radical-right wing elite theory: Pareto and Mosca, Michels and Le Bon, Sorel and Gentile.


Editor’s note: Fascists, as the example of the World Anti Communist League taught us, are like chameleons. They change form depending on circumstances. When they need to come to power, they want you to like them. Once they are there, they don’t need your opinion anymore, to an extent of physically destroying all opposition. This way, when fascists brought Mussolini to power in Italy, he cancelled all democracy in the party – and in the country. Because fascism, according to Mussolini, must not have become ill of “electoral fever”. The World Anti Communist League which consisted of most notorious fascist criminals in the world now calls itself “World League for Freedom and Democracy”, but fascism remains in their essence. What always remains constant is the essence of fascism. Remember the lessons Italy learned the hard way when you listen to the far-right parties during the “democratic” debates.

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