New Year is not the only thing Donetsk is getting prepared for

16.12.2015, Donetsk.

Altay reporting. This is the beauty which is being decorated by Donetsk utility workers on Lenin square. City administration had informed today that the curfew on December 31 will be cancelled and that the public transportation will operate until 2 in the night. Donetsk is getting prepared to celebrate New Year. At the same time, the number of Western journalists in the city notably increases.

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Seventh wave of conscription underway in Ukraine

16.12.2015, Ukraine.

Bandera Nazi Kiev junta is preparing Ukraine to another war. A quiet conscription evidences of this.

Ukraine started the seventh wave of conscription this fall, it continues to this day. Even the citizens who are for one or another reason not subject to conscription must arrive when summoned to the military enlistment office,” said LPR People’s Militia Deputy Commander Igor Yashenko.

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